Health Effects of Toxic Chemicals

An astounding 19 pages of chemicals go into making one commonly used brand of air freshener, showing how terrible the health effects of toxic chemicals is and how toxic this increasingly popular class of consumer products is.

The toxic chemicals an average urban dweller is exposed to each day upon leaving the home is immense. Limiting scope to just airborne toxic chemicals, it’s still easy to produce a long list of offenders: exhaust fumes from vehicles, chemicals used in manufacturing, emissions of dry cleaners, common cleaning products including the green-washed brand “Simple Green,” second-hand smoke from passers-by — and that’s not counting the sneezes and coughs of people on the subway. This is just a sampling of the many vectors of toxicity affecting air quality; most of which emanate from sources that are largely beyond our control.

As with any toxic chemicals, the amount to which we are exposed is a critical factor in health outcomes. There are so many products coming together under the roof of the average home, that multiple contamination sources are lurking amongst it is impossible to ascertain the risk that they pose to any single person.

Reducing exposure to fragranced products, such as through fragrance-free policies, can provide cost-effective and relatively simple ways to reduce risks and improve air quality and health.” Information extracted from Green Med Info research database of articles.


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