The Power of the Mind

mindpowerThe development of the human mind is one of the biggest mysteries that we have the privilege of engaging with almost from conception. To replicate what the human mind is capable of it is estimated that it would talk one hundred million laptops. It is reported that we have something like 70,000 thoughts a day, although consciously we are only able to focus on about 7 plus or minus things at any one time.

In conjunction with the brain and the nervous system, it plays a part in running everything from the musculoskeletal system, the heart, liver, lungs, digestive system and the autoimmune system. The body is comprised of interconnected communication between millions of different cells and tissues, with their communication going on behind the scenes 24/7 without us for most of the time even being consciously aware of it.

The little sensory windows that we have into the outside world through what we can see, hear, feel, taste and smell are nothing compared to the infinite variety of energy frequencies of which the world and the universe is composed.

With our minds we try to capture information, interpret and make sense of the world around us. We think in terms of pictures sounds and feelings. These are not in fact reality; they are all relative and context driven; they are metaphors on which to hang thoughts to make them thinkable. Useful though this can be, we would be deluding ourselves if we were to regard any of these hypothetical or theoretical metaphors as being true.

There are many different disciplines, professions, as well as political, religious, medical, physiological, artistic, neurological, anatomical, psychological, behavioural, spiritual, cultural, emotional theories that attempt to enable us to grasp some aspect or other of the mind. There are electromagnetic resonances that can be recorded and influenced by the mind. Even psychic phenomena of different kinds that do not appear to have any understandable physical explanation have been demonstrated and independently witnessed.

A directed mind is probably the most powerful tool that we have at our disposal to achieve all that we are capable of. Our history books and even day to day news bulletins are full of stories demonstrating the amazing creativity, inventiveness and resilience that our minds are able to furnish us with. Weather it is surviving adversity against the odds, overcoming difficulties, finding it within our hearts to forgive, let go, look forward to and focus on the life sustaining beauty of the world, cooperation, compassion, communication, understanding, love, patience and all that enables human beings to be civilised.

Those who have made the greatest contribution to this world, such as Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Jesus Christ or the Buddha have come from a position of peace. This is something that we can all learn from. In whatever way we do it, be it through prayer, meditation, music, yoga, exercise, study or breathing, when we are in a relaxed state of awareness, that is when the unconscious genius that we all have, is able to flow through our consciousness in ways that can promote awareness, humility, peace, harmony and healing in the most subtle and beautiful ways – the power of the mind.