Medical doctors know very little about health

Medical students are a highly selective group of bright individuals. They will have had to obtain very good passes in the right A-levels to be accepted for training. They will have to be very disciplined and resilient to complete the seven years of arduous training.

Unfortunately much of the extensive information on which their training is based is comes from the study of disease. We should be grateful for all that they can do to save your life. But this is something very different from helping you to be balanced integrated and well holistically.

Nearly all the background research papers that are published are sponsored by the drug industry which is very astutely run from behind the scenes by commercial interests who are keen to make as much profit as they can from their investments in developing chemicals, machinery, systems and procedures on which they place a patent for their own profit.

Backed up by powerful lobbying and investments in marketing, public relations activity and advertising, much of this bright sample of young students are carried along with the tide and become enmeshed within the system.

A number of news worthy examples in recent history has proven this to be true. Any individual who in any way questions the system will be subjected to the most vicious prejudice and attacks from within the system. This kind of pressure to conform to the established industry is something that very few are able to withstands.

The normal state of all living things is to be well given the right environment. This is something which is the same time is physical, biochemical, mental, emotional, social and cultural .It is usually much safer, cheaper and more rewarding in natural ways to help to produce this environment that enables people to be whole. But sadly there is not much money to be made out of it so who cares?


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  • Hi Mark.

    I’m a health Kinesiologist just about to re-start practising in Guildford.

    I resonate completely with blog. It is indeed challenging to make in road in to looking at being healthy instead of waiting for dis-ease to strike.

    Yvonne Ham

    • Good for you Yvonne, keep on the good trail and there’s always things to learning.
      Best wishes,

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