Make-up… What are you putting on your face?

Many of the products marketed for the benefit of health and beauty are toxic.

Any glance at the adverts that appear every 15 to 20 minutes on commercial television will tell you who is making lots of money out of your unpleasant symptoms. Whether they is aimed at tummy aches, constipation headaches asthma, feeling one degree under or musculoskeletal pain of one kind or another, thy are all aimed to tell you how much better you will feel after purchasing and consuming taking their product.

The reason that these products are so profitable is that people buy into them and keep using them because they often do provide some temporary relief of symptoms. The reality is that by masking the symptoms they do nothing to help the person to heal the reasons for having them. On the contrary, they will often contribute to making the problem worse in the long run.

Not only that, many of the chemicals that they contain can result in disrupting many other aspects of your health. For example:

· Many anti- inflammatory drugs can result in damaging to the stomach, liver, heart and other organs.

· Taking antacids for a stomach ache will impair proper digestive processes.

· Taking anti-depressants does not even begin to help deal with the reasons for being depressed.

· Anti-histamine dose what you should be doing for yourself. Taking it artificially will result in you making even less for yourself.

Most symptoms are the way that your body is saying help. Using a holistic approach to diagnosis and healing helps you to fit more comfortably into your own skin by giving the body what it needs to heal itself from the inside with all the many other additional benefits to your health and wellbeing.