What are the economic benefits of sick people?

Most chronic illness is the result of people living unhealthy life styles; a combination of factors such as lack of exercise, consumption of junk food, excess alcohol, unhealthy relationships, and lack of sleep, consumption of drugs that are readily available to repress unhealthy symptoms.

No one should doubt the best intentions of all of those working in the NHS. If you have a serious injury or disease they will do their very best to reduce your suffering and save your life. The problem that they face is that much of the illness that they are trying to help people with is of a chronic nature. These problems are usually the result of a life time of unhealthy living. There are no simple straight forward ways to enable people to heal these chronic illnesses. So in all probability they will be given more symptomatic relief that can create other kinds of imbalances in their system resulting in more imbalanced a greater chronic conditions further down the line.

All of these factors create better revenues for the food industry, the drug industry, many highly technical advanced research facilities and all the 1.7 million people employed in the earth services. All of this has the effect of increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which politicians make such a big song and dance about.


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