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Nutritional Evaluation

We are not dead machines. We are dynamic moving living beings. In one year about 95% of the molecules, atoms, cells, tissues, glands, organs muscles and bones of which we are composed will have been replaced. If we are not getting enough oxygen, water and the right minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients that we need to grow and replace what we are constantly losing through our breath, skin and every orifice, we will become unwell, age and die prematurely.

Biologically Human beings have not changed for about 200,000 years but the world that we have created has. There are still places in the world called blue areas where people live long healthy active lives. They belong to different racial groups, different religions and speak different languages but they have four things in common. They spend more time outside being physically active, they sleep more, they eat locally grown natural foods and they belong to small communities that look after each other.


For most of us, our environment has changed substantially. Much of our food is no longer organic. Many people have less exercise, sleep less and have not enough time. Information overload, toxic environments, on top of social and economic pressures is progressively undermining many people’s health and well-being.


We help to get peoples nervous system in better balance using functional neurology in conjunction with specialised test kits we are then able to systematically check out many of the following biological systems: Acid/Alkaline balance, Pituitary/Pineal balance, Sympathetic/Parasympathetic balance, Gland/Organ/Muscle balance, inflammatory pathways, neurotransmitters, energy pathways, allergies and sensitivities.


When we find a system that is not working, with reference to the information that research scientists have uncovered, we are able to cross-check it with the nutritional factors that the body uses to resolve the difficulty. From the way in which the body responds to the test, it is able to indicate any specific nutrients it needs to resolve the situation.