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This involves helping people to get into a deep state of relaxation and awareness through which they are more able to access their own inner states of creativity to enable them to reinforce the intelligence, experience, confidence and courage that they have to overcome challenges of one kind or another.

George Miller is a very influential psychologist. He has proposed that people can process about seven chunks of information at a time. Under overload conditions, people become confused and are likely to make poorer decisions based on the information they have received as opposed to making informed ones.

Unconsciously nearly everything that you have ever seen, heard or felt is still stored in one way or another. Although we may not be aware of them, they still act like a filter, influencing the way in which we see, hear and feel what is going on around us. Bad experiences from the past can throw a shadow over the things that are happening at the present. Good experiences from the past can give us a much happier response to events as they happen.


We perform best when we are in a relaxed state of awareness; a state of peace. All the people who have made the greatest contribution to this world have been coming from that position; People like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Jesus, Buda.


In conjunction with the other things that we do to improve the structural, biochemical and neurological aspects; showing people how to put themselves into a creative relaxed state enables them to access more of their own positive resources. They are then more able to apply themselves to successfully enjoy what they are doing. It is a valuable way in which, for example, we can help people to release stress, lower blood pressure, ease away pain, overcome fears and improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.