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Anna qualified as a sports massage therapist while she studied her first year of Osteopathy at the European school of osteopathy in Kent. Her passion lies in thoroughly assessing the body for imbalances and postural defects which may contribute to reduced performance or pain. After assessing the body she uses a range of soft tissue techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques to help release tight muscles which may be contributing to pain or dysfunction. At the end of the session Anna will discuss any relevant stretching programmes or lifestyle changes to be made to help prevent future injury from occurring. 

Before training to become a sports massage therapist Anna was a competitive horse rider regularly competing at affiliated competitions on her horses. She has worked as a groom for several top UK event riders and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. She has studied horse riding related back pain in her case studies and found treating horse riders a very interesting area of work. She is also currently studying to become an Equine sports massage therapist before she returns to her Osteopathy degree next year. She is very active and also enjoys yoga and mountain biking in her spare time. Having suffered herself with back pain in the past, she understands how pain can decrease performance and general well being. Her aim is to help her clients return to doing the things they love the most without pain or restrictions. 


Anna can be contacted on:

Mobile: 07502405270