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Pathway to Health

At Rêve Pavilion we have developed a scientific and measurable process to evaluate and treat the whole body. We call this our Pathway to Health.




Symptoms such as pain are your body’s way of telling you it’s out of balance and are often due to a number of seemingly unrelated factors. Here at the Rêve Pavilion we use Functional Neurology, Professional Applied Kinesiology and other advanced diagnostic techniques to ascertain the underlying imbalances causing your symptoms.


Once we’ve established what’s causing the imbalances we create an integrated programme of natural therapies to correct them and relieve the symptoms so you feel better. Our therapies include osteopathycranial osteopathyhomeopathyacupuncture (without needles), nutritional medicine and deep neuromuscular massage. Each therapy is matched to your specific needs and delivered in a controlled and measured way so you are assured of the progress we are making together.






At the Rêve Pavilion our focus is on preventing illness and helping you lead a proactive and healthy life. That’s why we suggest one or two maintenance visits a year enabling us to check your current health status and resolve any new imbalances that may have the potential to turn into the symptoms of disease. Think of this as your annual health MOT.