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Our Philosophy

Invest in your body – like you invest in your car

Whether you’re a car fanatic or simply use it to get from A to B, one thing’s for sure; to keep your car running smoothly it needs regular maintenance. The same goes for your body. When your car fails you can buy a new one but you can’t buy a new body! The symptoms of illness are like a flashing red light on the dashboard. If you don’t address them they are likely to get worse. Repressing them with drugs doesn’t deal with the underlying causes either and can eventually lead to the development of chronic illness. The best defence against disability, ageing and disease is to be well and to stay healthy. Here at the Rêve Pavilion our focus is on promoting and maintaining good health. We do this by diagnosing the underlying causes of symptoms and then giving the body all the tools it needs to heal itself naturally. Our holistic approach not only serves to relieve symptoms but also helps people maximise their performance and live life to the full.

Prevention is as important as repair

We tend to think we have endless natural capacity to heal and repair, but this isn’t the case, especially as we age. To this end we also offer Health MOT’s to check everything is working as it should.

The Rêve Pavilion logo

The dodecahedron in our logo embodies the Yin/Yang philosophy of wholeness and represents our holistic approach to healing. The upper half of the symbol relates to the motory sensory system that controls our muscles and joints and the lower half of the symbol the autonomic nervous system that controls our heart, lungs, digestive system, glands and organs. Within each section are lines of the opposite colour. The lines show how both systems are co-dependant on each other. Through our system of diagnostic assessments we investigate where imbalances between the systems occur and aim to resolve them so they work in harmony and health and vitality are restored.