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Muscle Pain

Life is movement.  About 90% of our body weight is made up of muscle and bone including approximately 200 bones and 700 muscles. 70% of the nervous system is involved in operating and coordinating this mobile frame in which we live and have our being.  That is why looking after it properly is so important.


Pain is the way in which your body is signalling to your conscious mind that all is not well. It is not actually the problem itself. That is why pain killers are so dangerous. It is just like covering up the red light on the dashboard of your car which is indicating that you need to take some action to make sure that it has all that it needs to serve you safely and reliably. Ignoring it could result is something even more serious, even a fatal accident.


Muscle pain is often the result of the build-up of lactic acid after making demands on muscles that are not fit enough which causes inflammation and sensitises the nerve endings to produce the pain that you experience.


Muscles and their tendons, which cross over the joints through which they are attached to the bones that they move, are richly innovated with nerve endings that can produce pain if they are stretched or compressed beyond their normal safe tolerance limits.


Your muscles are like the engine of your car.  To function properly they need to be correctly wired up and to have the correct fuel supply. They also need to be driven within their allocated safety limit i.e. you need to be in the right gear to progress safely in a controlled way in relation to the prevailing conditions.


Unlike a car, you are not normally able to make instant changes to the underlying biochemistry that provides the energy that enables your muscles to contract to produce and maintain you posture, balance and movement, as well as running all the back up support that is provided by your glands and organs, all of which are all mediated via the nervous system.


Happily, your body is adaptable.  Through regular training within the right zones, the strength, elasticity, resilience and adaptability of your muscles can be improved.  All of this can safely be achieved through regular exercises carried out within the body’s own safety margin.  Balanced exercise should include some stretching, some gentle warm up as well as activity to increase their strength and endurance in gradually increased stages over a period of days, weeks, months and even years. Your muscles also need to have sufficient rest to enable them to rebalance themselves after being used.


This allows the body time to adapt and to safely build up all the enzyme systems that are needed to support these activities.


Another very important factor that facilitates and supports all of these activities is to be sure that the body has enough of the right fuel that it needs to run.  For this it needs all the necessary dietary ingredients. This includes the vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients to be able to maintain itself and support all the demands that are made of it.


At the Reve pavilion, using functional neurology, we are able to assess in detailed measure ways, how well the structural muscles, ligaments and joints are working. We are also able to evaluate how well balanced the gland organs and biochemical pathways are working on an individual basis. Using Osteopathy in combination with other safe natural approaches to healing we have a long record of helping thousands of people of all kinds to improve their health, fitness and self-confidence so that they have been able to make much more of their lives. This even includes some Olympic athletes.