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Migraines and Headaches

Pains in the head can be of many different kinds. They can have a different distribution, be of different intensity, and happen regularly or in different periods of time. They can be associated with a whole variety of different factors such as stress, structural problems, muscular tension, poor posture, eye strain, blood pressure, dehydration, circulatory disturbances, hormones, allergic reactions and/or inflammation. It is a good way for the body to tell you that all is not well.

Unless it is very serious and/or a result of a serious trauma for which medical attention should be sought, we check that the nervous system which mediates between the structural, biochemical, mental and emotional aspects of health is all in working order. Having first found out about the history, we usually find a combination of imbalances that have contributed to the head pains. By addressing these individually, using safe natural approaches to healing the body, it is normally able to find its own way to balance and resolve the symptoms.


The jaw, as well as being used to eat and talk with, is also a survival mechanism for stress; when under stress, from primitive times, human-beings instinctively tense their jaw. This prepares them to run or fight to save their lives. Happily these-days, in this country at least, this is not normally an appropriate response. The flight/fight response is a very different kind of mind set in which to carry on in  normal civilised conditions.


We are made up of 70% fluid, and about 20% of the oxygen that we breathe supports our brain. Any one suffering from tension in the upper triangle area will be restricting the amount of blood that can readily get to their brain. It is possible to live for several weeks without food, a few days without water but only a few minutes without oxygen. If your neck and shoulders are all tensed up you can understand that the brain will not be getting all that it needs to help it to work at its best.