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Menopausal Symptoms

Over the evolutionary period, nature was pretty smart in designing the female of the species to be able to bear children while they were young, fit and flexible enough to be able to handle the birth and all the subsequent work and effort needed to bring them up. For reasons of survival, it also managed to select a metabolic system that would automatically shut down when due to ageing such traumatic changes were more likely to put the female concerned into danger.

The ovaries and the associated hormones that regulate monthly periods and fecundity do not work on their own. They work in harmony as part of a chemical network with a number of other endocrine glands including the adrenals, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, pancreas, spleen, thymus, placenta, the autonomic nervous system and different nuclei in the brain.


When living a more natural kind of life in a less complicated world, the changes that happened during menopause would under normal circumstances have adapted more easily than they do in today’s world.


During a relatively short period of history, the environment in which most of us live is very different. Despite all the advantages of modern day living, in a biological sense we have not had time to adapt to all of these evolutionary changes, the combined effects of which can change the balance between all this network of communication pathways such as: electric lights, reduced amounts of sleep, processed foods, the communications revolution, exposure to thousands of different artificial chemicals, electromagnetic smog, lots of noise and information overload. All of this can be quite stressful. The effects of all of these factors will vary from person to person.


Taking a hormone to mimic what the ovaries would normally have done before menopause can provide relief from some of the unwanted symptoms and there is sometimes a place for it. There is of course a place for everything and nothing happens on its own. Life is not that simple. It is now increasingly being realised, that simply taking a pill to cover up the symptoms can dispose those taking them to all kinds of other frets to their long term health.


Our approach to helping to resolve these difficulties is rather different. At the Rêve we check the balance of the structure, neurology and different glandular systems. If we find that some are out of balance, cross checking these with the nutritional factors that the body would normally use to support them, we are usually able to find safe natural ways to enable them to find their ways back into a more balanced relationship to each other. Apart from relieving difficult symptoms of the menopause, it is a natural way to enable people to become more balanced, integrated and well which can help to contribute more life to your years and years to your life.