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Mark Mathews BSc (Hons), DO

Mark Mathews graduated in Ecology from Edinburgh University in 1969 and was subsequently responsible for managing the set-up of the National Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. Mark Mathews qualified as an Osteopath in 1979 (he is not a registered osteopath anymore and is practising as a natural health practitioner) and then completed his first course in Applied Kinesiology in 1984.  Mark continues to study with the world’s most knowledgeable teachers and has himself published widely on the subject.  He has also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming over many years and graduated from the Robbins Research International Mastery University. In 1988, Mark Mathews established The Rêve Pavilion Natural Health Clinic, providing an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of all kinds of health problems. Being dyslexic himself, Mark has always had a special interest in helping children with learning difficulties. In 1995, he set up the Sunflower Trust.

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