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Lower Back Pain

10 million working days were lost to back pain in the UK in 2015. In 2016, this was the largest single cause of disability in the UK.


In 2012, the health, social and economic burden of low back pain in the UK was estimated to be £12.3 billion, with £1.6 billion for direct healthcare resources, £1.6 billion related to informal care and £9.1 billion through loss of production. By now this would have increased even more.

There are many factors that can contribute to lower back pain including: poor posture, inappropriate working conditions, lack of exercise, emotional stress, anxiety, physical strain, repetitive work, inadequate diet, digestive problems, imbalances, tiredness and the list goes on.


Pain of this kind and many others is one of most common reasons patients come to the Rêve Pavilion for help, usually after having tried many other avenues to little or no avail.


Pain is not the real problem. It is just the way that the body is saying that it is unhappy and that it needs help. The reason for our great success in helping people out of their suffering is that we do not treat the pain. We treat people in pain. Using a combination of natural therapies in measured ways on an individual basis we help to create the right conditions on a physical, biochemical, mental and emotional way. We enable people to be more in sync with their own perfection. Healing is the innate tendency for everyone to be whole, given the right conditions. That is what we help people to achieve, using functional neurology to assess and respond to each person’s unique combination of factors that have contributed to them being in pain.