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The inability to get a good night’s sleep can be due to a whole number of factors which will probably be different in each person that it affects.

At the Rêve we use functional neurology to assess very many of the factors that collectively on an individual basis are contributing to the difficulty people have in getting enough sleep.

To be able to sleep you need to be able to relax. If your body is affected by muscular tensions this is difficult. For that reason our first strategy is to make sure that all of your main muscles are able to turn off as they should and to make any adjustments needed to help this to occur.

An associated reason is to do with your nervous system being active when it should be able to tune down into a more relaxed state. That is why we check about 200 different reflex systems interconnecting your body with your eyes, ears and two sides of the brain to make sure that they are networking in a normal way and if  not, quickly and gently we have ways of getting them better wired up.

Your brain is like a computer, stresses of any kinds are like bugs in your software. Different kinds of stresses will have the effect of blocking this energetic network that interconnects your mind, your body and your biochemical pathways. Without using needles, in measurable ways we are able to use knowledge of the meridians to clear the bugs and enable you to reprogram the system to work for you rather than against you.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by your pineal gland. It is light sensitive, it helps you to relax and regulates your day and night rhythms. We often find that people with insomnia are not producing enough melatonin. Knowing about the biochemistry of its production, on an individual level, our tests enable us to discover what safe natural nutritional supplements the body indicates that it needs to correct any of the imbalances so that they are able to be addressed.