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Chronic Fatigue

The name describes the condition accurately but there is seldom any one single reason that explains why people can suffer from it. There are usually a number of contributory causes which each person will have in their own way; a history of infections from which someone never fully recovered, hormonal imbalances, structural adaptive syndromes, emotional traumas and dietary imbalances, social difficulties, all need to be taken into account. The resulting effect on the autoimmune system and energy path ways will always be involved.

This is where integrated whole person natural medicine comes into its own when assessed individually in a systematic way. We need to account not just for the structural functional aspects of the body but also the influence of external environmental factors, emotional, behavioural, diet and life style issues. In measured ways, we essentially use applied ecology to help to bring about the right environment physically, biochemically, mentally and emotionally to allow the innate tendency of nature to get on with the job that it knows best how to do.


Special attention is given to the hormonal glands, neurotransmitters, detoxification and inflammatory pathways as well as the enzyme systems and related vitamins, minerals and raw materials the body uses to convert ADP to ATP, the triple bond that provides all energy that is needed to fuel every single cell in the body.