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Arthritis and Joint Pain

Every joint is like the hub of a bicycle wheel; if the spokes are not balanced it will not run on its spindle. The muscles surrounding and crossing over the joints are like the spokes in a wheel. Every muscle is also like an engine: it contracts or relaxes under the control of the nervous system. If the muscles do not all turn on and off in the correct way, the joints will not run smoothly on their bearings. This will result in more wear and tear accompanied with inflammation and pain. Nerves are a bit like the wiring in your car: if it is not wired up right, the engines (muscles) will not work properly.

The symptoms of pain and swelling are usually the result of the body’s innate safety margin being breached. These elements do not exist in isolation. That is why we employ a holistic approach to the assessment and treatment of each of these conditions to correct the structural, neurological and biochemical aspects of the problem using safe natural therapies in measured ways matched specifically to each patient.