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Allergies are the product of an inflammatory response to chemicals that have exceeded the bodies ability to cope. When the body is over sensitised, it triggers an immune response to exposure to such factors. This is usually the end result of a number of other stresses interfering with the ability of the body to perform normal bodily functions as efficiently as they should. For example, this can cause the digestive system, liver detoxification systems to overreact resulting in an inflammatory response. It can affect different biological pathways. Rather than covering up the symptoms using functional neurology we are able to interrogate many of these underlying support systems to find out what the weaknesses are in measured ways, we are then able to match what the body says that it needs to resolve the situation. This is usually associated with first of all avoiding the offending factors and then systematically building up the bodies resilient to these chemicals so that it becomes more tolerant without overreacting.

These chemical stimulants may be from the air that we breath, the things that we touch and the things that we eat. Such as dust, pollen, diesel fumes from traffic, cleaning products, cosmetics, industrial chemicals and junk food to name just a few.